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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#COLLECTION: Maxivive Presents Pre-Harmattan

Àródan (Distraction)

I, I want it all
My heart reeks of desires
I have it all, I climbed you all
I wear it all
I love it all
I dream of glory
Would the end justify my means?
Do I care? No, I doubt.

You, you want it all
Your heart reeks of desires
You have it all, you climbed them all
You wear it all
You love it all
You dream of glory
Would your end justify your means?
Do you care, No, you doubt.

We, we want it all
Our hearts reek of desires
We have it all, we climbed us all
We wear it all
We love it all
We dream of glory
Would our end justify our means?
Do we care? No, we doubt.

Nigerian menswear designer label, Maxivive, presents their latest collection, Àródan. The word Àródan is birthed in the western part of Nigeria – the Yoruba lands. Meaning to distract one from the singular important factor to something less pivotal, the collection materialistically explores human fantasy and obsession with escapism: whether it is hiding secrets, emotions, personalities or weapons.

Collection images credits:
Photographer – Kadara Enyeasi
Model – Temisan Emmanuel

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