Thursday, October 8, 2015

#EYEWEAR: Persol Cellor Celebrates Cinema with Wim Wenders

Persol Cellor and Wim Wenders are partnering to offer a celebration of cinema through the lenses that have been worn by movie directors over the years. Created in 1955, Persol Cellor frames have been a milestone in the brand’s history, spotted on actors and celebrities since the Fifties. In 2015 Persol Cellor evolves into a new folding style on both sun and optical frames, combining the model style with Persol’s original folding system – one of the first to be introduced to the market.

Persol recounts the Golden Age of Italian cinema through the vision of a contemporary, yet iconic, director: Wim Wenders, immortalized in a series of three prints. It’s the new Persol’s communication campaign that sets in motion the work of the director and that awakes the spirit of the Italian Cinema of the 50s.

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