Friday, February 19, 2016

#FASHIONWEEK: SAMW AW16 – Highlights – By Brian Lehang

It’s a new year and already kicking things off with a bang.

Yes the fashion week season has begun and what a way to start things off with menswear. Menswear is consistently growing and fashion trends are becoming more influential to both the fashionistas and even those that just want to look good on special occasions. Men are taking it seriously to a point that we have become competitive to ladies wear. This time around designers have pushed boundaries from fabrics choice; patterns; constructions and overall style. Here are some of the designers that showcased at this edition of SAMW.


Suitably approved for the coming winter weathers. Who said one can’t rock bright numbers in winter? You can still make a statement yet still look fashionably warm. Martin went with a mixture of mustard yellow, dark chocolate brown and a matured burgundy. He carefully blended all of them and they sparkled mutually without contrasting. Seeing all these prints on outerwear, it was definitely sartorial elegance on another level.

FMBCJ by Craig Jacobs

Setting trends for the upcoming season of harsh, low degree temperatures. Craig continued with the sports luxe trend and he says regardless of the cold winters, it shouldn’t stop us from doing our usual outdoor work sessions. He showcased a health- and sport-fitness conscious man who is still grounded to his African traits. As we saw on the track pants and sweat tops. There was that distinct African prints and patterns detailing the garments and making the everyday gym look very unique and very much alive and playful. However the item that captured my attention was the wool woven track pants with fine yet identifiable African print.


The new era of men’s fashion and the future of dressing, Rich took us out of our comfort zones and actually showed us that one doesn’t have to wear a 3 piece suit to look good and feel warm. All his saying through his collection is be whoever and whatever you want to be. We were spoiled with vast texture and fabric choices: from denim; wool; and even velvet. With that said, he displayed a mixture of masculine and feminine in the collection as we spotted men on the runway with lace stockings paired softly with high heel lace-up shoes. On the top end of that look we saw deep toned heavy yet light and warm turtlenecks. He also gave us a display of oversized sport coats paired and completed the look with his models wearing tribal earrings.


The Prince of Prints once again graced his presence with his signature collection of prints. This time around we saw a mix-match made in heaven as he continued narrating a story through his garments. Chu is a true example of risk takers as he did from his debut collection and stayed true to what he believes and what resembles his persona. Definitely a collection that followed the memo as he displayed the art of layering and not the traditional three-piece suit but he gave us vests, jumpers, fleece, bombers, ponchos and finished it off with blankets. All of those mixed and matched well put together with a blanket as thee cherry on top. It was an autumn winter collection and beside other things looking at this collection it portrayed a very cold period and the models we well dressed for it as they wore cropped pants with socks. A true revelation of winter.    

That’s it for this edition of SAMW, until next time stay stylish.

Yours Stylish

Photo credit: SDR Photos

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