Monday, August 29, 2016

#GROOMING: Prepping For Spring with Vaseline MEN Face and Body Solutions

In preparation for spring and the warmer season ahead, I’ve taken the personal challenge to do something for my skin before it encounters any problems due to neglect. Standard advice for any guy keen on taking better care of one’s skin includes items such as drinking plenty of water, getting enough exercise and doing your best to stay out of the sun. Of course, in this modern age of technological advancements, skincare products have also taken leaps in becoming more effective in assisting you to slow down ageing effects and almost literally rejuvenate the skin. I’ve decided on my journey to a better relationship with my skin and body, to take the challenge with the assistance of Vaseline MEN face and body tools.

FACE (Cleanse)
Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert – Face Scrub
Unilever’s Vaseline MENface scrub is one power-punch packing face wash. It’s even tone formula includes Vitamin B3 and micro-beads to exfoliate dead and dull skin cells. Used effectively, twice a day, the scrub gives your face’s skin a luxurious facial treatment, much like that from a spa or men’s grooming bar. The deep cleansing scrub is a white formula with blue micro-beads so you can see what you are getting from the product and comes with low to no fragrance, as not to distract from its job and irritate the sinuses. Look out for how my face deals with this scrub over the next couple of posts and social media uploads – this challenge is real for my face – we need to be summer ready.

Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert - Deep Cleanse Face Wash

FACE (Moisturise)
Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert – Moisturiser
Trying to avoid the worst face scenario this coming season is going to be easier than slipping on a pair of flip flops. Unilever brings us Vaseline’s MENface Moisturiser with SPF15. Formulated into a non-greasy and fast absorbing moisturiser, it evens skin within two weeks, reduces spots and provides your face with daily protection from the sun. Of course, just because your moisturiser has SPF in it already, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be vigilant and layer on another sunscreen of SPF15 or more for added value. Ideally, to test the value of this product, I’m going to visit the brand’s Worst Face Scenario site ( to see the difference of what my face would look like a couple years down the line using and not using Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert Moisturiser. Maybe once I show you my results, you too will be encouraged to take on the #worstface challenge.

Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert - Moisturiser

BODY (Lotion)
Vaseline MEN Extra Strength Repairing Moisture – Body Lotion
No one likes dry skin. That feeling you get when you run your fingers up your arm and the transition is not so smooth – feeling more like a broken tape recorder than a perfectly orchestrated Opera. I’ve decided to add to the value package of my skincare regime for the coming season with Vaseline’s body lotion for extra strength. It’s easy to absorb, non-greasy and set to leave my skin hydrated and well nourished. Over the next few days, I’m going to keep a close feel on my skin’s reaction to the body lotion and if it stands up to its promise. Its formula, inclusive of micro-droplets of Vaseline jelly means that it contains repairing properties, restoring your skin’s vitality from within.

Vaseline MENbody Repairing Moisture - Body Lotion

Follow my journey with Unilever’s Vaseline MEN brand for face and body to see the results. Be sure to live through my experience and see if you’re ready to challenge your body to reach new skincare heights.

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