Thursday, September 8, 2016

#GROOMING: The Vaseline MEN Face and Body Solutions Challenge - Results

For just over a week, I have been trying out the latest Vaseline MEN range for face and body. My skin generally has its elasticity intact and not that dry, however, a recent travel trip had caused my skin to dry up and an uneven tone to appear on my face. With that, it was perfect timing to test these products, amongst many other things, promise moisture, an even tone and visible results. So far it’s been good. But of course, the longer you use the same product, the more visible the results.

FACE (Cleanse)
Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert – Face Scrub
Unilever’s Vaseline MENface scrub lathers up into luxurious mousse-like foam. Its micro-beads have an exfoliating effect on the skin, seemingly cleaning away dirt and dead skin cells. The face scrub doesn’t have a distinctive fragrance, it’s a more neutral, fresh scent that one gets whiffs of while cleansing their face. Some face washes tend to be quite abrasive. After washing off with warm water you sometimes feel a tingling sensation, which is usually one of two things; your wash is too strong or your skin is too sensitive for the formula. I know it sounds like I said the same thing twice, but you must remember skin types are different. A normal wash with no side-effects for someone with sensitive skin might reacted different to someone with dry skin – so it’s always best to find out what skin type you are. Another aspect of this wash that I appreciated was its lack to dry my skin after the wash. I did not feel harsh and patchy – which is a great plus. My face’s tone has started evening out, however, I’m not brighter like I was worried might happen with many products of a similar nature. Generally, the scrub has been doing as it needs to and I’m enjoying constantly checking for progress (or regression).

FACE (Moisturise)
Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert – Moisturiser
Vaseline’s MENface moisturiser is a great guy-tool. Going on dry and keeping the skin hydrated, the formula protects the skin with its SPF15 while micro-droplets of Vaseline’s original petroleum jelly nourish the skin. The formula is meant to do a few things, including evening out of the skin tone and visibly reducing spots. I, personally, can’t say much about the spots because I started using the product with pretty much no spots on my face, however, my face has become a little bit lighter in natural lighting. I’ve enjoyed the lasting effects of the moisturiser, being able to go through my day without feeling my skin dry out is amazing. For me, that means the product is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Another good test to see if the product is working, is to visit the #worstface site by Vaseline – it enables you to snap your face and have it analysed to see what it would like like in the future without the right kind of treatment and protection. I’m giving it a spin, perhaps you should too. Visit now and take the #worstface challenge.

BODY (Lotion)
Vaseline MEN Extra Strength Repairing Moisture – Body Lotion
My body has been made accustomed to a standard body lotion – aqueous cream. This, after a childhood of being lathered up in cocoa butter and before that in Vaseline petroleum jelly. So when I started using Vaseline’s MEN Extra Strength Repairing Moisture body lotion, it felt as though my body had come full circle. My skin was being well-nourished with a formulation that lasted longer than 24 hrs. The lotion is non-greasy, however, it leaves your body’s skin feeling smooth and hydrated – something that other products and brands tend to lead us to believe is only done with a greasy product; and because it’s non-greasy, it absorb really well and fast, making sure the protection starts from beneath the skin. I’m enjoying the experience thus far, and I think the fact that my skin looks visibly healthier is an added plus to the experience.

Follow my journey with Unilever’s Vaseline MEN brand for face and body to see the results. Be sure to live through my experience and see if you’re ready to challenge your body to reach new skincare heights. Be sure to check my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Page accounts for more on this experience.

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