Wednesday, March 8, 2017

#LOOK_BOOK: African Eyes Cruise 2016/2017

African Eyes is a young local accessories brand based in Woodstock, Cape Town. Their aesthetic is an incorporation of playful, African with a dose of modernity. The brand constantly embeds plenty of colour and vibrancy into their designs, while ensuring a healthy number of more neutral pieces for wearers who prefer to make a quiet statement. Accessories from African Eyes range from neckpieces to bracelets and the sizes and lengths vary to suit the desires of the buyer.

Look Book Credits: Photographer – Sarah Keogh / Stylist – Monde Mtsi / Models – Mzuxolile and Oliver.

Whether you’re an introvert or outgoing, there is a piece just for you. The beauty of the designs is that they can be worn on a day-to-day basis and some pieces can be showcased during a special evening or BIG gala event. In the end, what matters is your confidence and style and which African Eyes Resort piece best expresses your taste in fashion.

To get your hands on one or five African Eyes pieces, contact the team via their Facebook page or Instagram.

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