Wednesday, May 17, 2017

#GROOMING: #StartStrong With Small Fashion Ideas for BIG Results

Essential daily care for your skin is imperative. It’s the first point-of-call the world has with you, besides your attire. #StartStrong by taking care of the small things, in order to manage the big ones. Vaseline Men has been, for the past 140 years, doing its utmost best to ensure men do just that: to #StartStrong with healthy and moisturized skin, in order to be the pioneer in your career. Amongst the many ways one can take care of their skin, including drinking plenty of water, exercising and getting enough rest; one of the essential aspects is to use effective skincare products that cleanse, moisturize, protect and heal. And Vaseline Men has just that for you.

But grooming alone won’t necessarily save the day when you’re under pressure. How you look is a major asset, especially when working in industries where first impressions last and how you look dictates how people response to you.

Understanding your body shape and type is a good start. It helps when you have to play with proportions and volume in your look for any given day. Mixing tailored with something casual also adds dimension and depth. It allows the onlooker to discover more about you, your taste and your capabilities as a modern man.

 The idea is to #StartStrong with a confident ensemble that is not overbearing while ensuring it is not overshadowed by your counterparts. Play with tailor-paired-with-sporty. Mix the bottom with the top and discover how to re-work certain pieces to create a whole new look.

Underwear, white and black vests, and socks are basics. They are the foundations to everything you do and wear. Denim, all stars, a crisp white day/dinner shirt and a black leather jacket, now those are essentials. These are wardrobe pieces that are timeless, and can literally solve any and all wardrobe issues. Their key to success is one smart factor – they are adaptable to any environment or situation. Get invited to a pool party and all your vests and tees are dirty? Slip on the crisp white shirt with your Hawaiian swimming trousers and you’re good to go. Forgot your blazer at home for that internal meeting with the boss at the office? Top up your office look with the leather jacket in your boot.

#StartStrong by understanding an essential item is not a trend item. Brown brogues might sound trendy but they have longevity, making them essential. Black ankle boots seem a little modern but they have a classic history making them essential. When you’re shopping around and all else fails, ask yourself one simple question: Can I wear this with more than one item/look and can I wear it for at least the next five years. If you answer yes to both, you’re good to go.

In winter men generally have two options: you can either wear chunky clothes that are warm but uncomfortable to manoeuvre during a working day or wear very little and one warm jacket. Gone are those days. Now you can layer yourself to the right temperature without insulting your level of style. Work your way out from the torso: start strong with a cashmere turtleneck, add a cardigan, top up with a jacket and scarf. Maybe even start with a crew neck, add a coat and layer a shawl over the look. The look is to add items that keep warm without the bulk and weight.

#StartStrong by experimenting with textures, keeping the colour within the same family, in order to avoid looking like a winter wonderland clown. Works towards wearing weatherproof outerwear – so something that would protect from wind and light rain. A beanie is always an easy accessory to incorporate, especially in a neutral colour and even when in the office, you hardly have the need to take it off, unlike a cap or hat.

Remember, protect your skin at all times. It’s the largest living organ on your body and the more you do for it, the more it does for you, like retaining heat in colder weather to keep your warm. Start every day strong, stay strong and strengthen all those you meet along your journey. Remember to keep your fashion sense practical and your skincare routine simple yet effective. Make the small things that make you great, a habit.

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