Monday, June 18, 2018

#FEATURE: Getting Suited with Johannesburg’s Tailor Me

Tailor Me™ is a Johannesburg based modern tailoring house built on the belief system that every suit they create is not simply defined by the quality and craftsmanship that goes into it, but more importantly by the individual who wears it. The vision was simple: Three friends, frustrated with off-the-rack suits, would band together and celebrate individuality, style and supreme quality. Thus, today, creating a brand solid in its foundations, known as a Tailor Me™.

Evidently one of the brand’s best moves, each client is considered a new friend, making the bespoke suiting experience a lot more personal and intimate. From appointment and initial fitting to interim fitting and suit delivery; the gents ensure your self-confidence is explored and illustrated in the final product you walk away with. The team sources the best fabrics, from Egyptian cottons for shirts to 100% wool for suits, you can expect a luxurious end-product finished with articulate craftsmanship and impeccable cut and fit.

Tailor Me™ is currently situated in Parkhurst, and for their Northern suburbs clientele – momentarily, they can pop in by you for your initial fitting – providing expert advice on cut, colour, lining and stitching. Having gone through a rough pricing guide, it’s safe to say that Tailor Me™ stands out as one of the limited agencies in South Africa providing you a true handcrafted experience at a reasonable price, compared to other providers who claim to do the same thing for excessive prices – only to find they import suits and then tailor them to your body.

To get in touch and make your first appointment, visit their website on, email them at or call on 0748844848.

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