Thursday, June 14, 2018

#STYLE: Time Out with the Tempo Timepiece

The axis for luxury is subjective. What one person considers pure opulence, the next person could see as rubbish. So much so that even price is a subjective matter. I recently went about scouting timepieces worn be everyday dapper gents and came across the Tempo watch available from leading retailers nationwide. The key factor here for the wearer was price and classic notes – denoting the accessory an everyday item that can be paired with any look in their wardrobe. This, is convenient of course, granted a lot of gents don’t want to complicate things with a large variety of accessories to match specific looks and pieces within their closets. I particularly love the genuine leather strap in navy, with the matching navy-blue face; the gold rim and face arms add a regal element to the watch and it all assembles as a great classic item to fit any look for any occasion. I also do love the slight update of the calendar references, which give the watch a modern aviator update, making the watch a little more edgy and street than a standard classic timepiece.

Be sure to check for this and other classic timepieces from your nearest Markham or American Swiss stores countrywide.

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