Thursday, June 28, 2018

#STYLE: Getting Editorial in Public Domains with Epic Style

By no means am I a supermodel. I just happen to consider Naomi Campbell my kindred spirit animal. So it’s no surprise that I will unwittingly take a look I see in fashion editorials and wear it as is. But that’s not the point – well, not in its entirety. For so long, magazines, journalists and more recently bloggers, have constantly advised consumers against wearing looks as is from catwalk shows and magazine editorials. The empathic notion behind this warning is that a lot of people generally get it wrong. It’s usually not the outfit’s fault – in most cases, the human in the clothes is either not shaped accordingly or their personality is unable to uphold the weight of the ensemble.

In this style insert, I attempt to inspire to take charge of your desires of wearing the latest runway looks as is in public. The art is to channel your inner fashion vixen. It is, by far, easier said than done, albeit, there are some nifty tricks one can follow to ensure they don’t embarrass themselves and their counterparts.

For starters, looking at the editorial image where the ensemble first formally appeared, one is able to deduce that the horizontal lines mean a more slender finish for your body. This means, the thinner and taller you are, the better it is likely to look. If you’re short and a little stoutly, perhaps a zigzag pattern would work better – and you’d probably want the jacket and pants hems to be shortened to give the illusion of length against your actual body.

Colour plays a role here, as well. I’m not talking just from a complimenting your complexion aspect, but rather from a ‘the lighter the colours, the more likely your body will be noticeable’. Darker colours tend to hide shape and extra particulars much better than light colours. This ensemble, in a cream and salmon stripe with a yellow belt, is definitely going to show off all crooks and crannies to the all Seeing Eye.

Essentially, when you spot a look you want, consider where you will be wearing it, what you will be doing in it and if it works against or with your current body shape. Honestly with yourself is much better than public scrutiny. Remember to try clothes on before buying them and always ask for a second opinion – unless you’re a natural dare devil.

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