Tuesday, June 26, 2018

#LIFESTYLE: Eating Trends with Free From Eatery

My vegetarian and vegan friends would be proud. Recently a spot on St George’s Mall opened, across from one of my favourite coffee spots; their flavour is, well, a lack of flavour – to put it in a meaty and over spiced manner. Free From Eatery is a cute little dining spot catering to food lovers who prefer their meals fresh, natural and free from a lot of things, including artificial flavourants, colourants, preservatives etc. The idea is to eat food as natural as it was produced with very little human influence. It’s quite the trend.

Not so much in terms of it being something only now the world is doing, but it’s set up in a mental space where people are being a lot more health and body conscious. In modern times were cities or countries experience disease caused by and carried through food, going green is not just an energy thing but a diet thing as well. Eating healthy, knowing where the produce is grown and having a footprint are some of the key trend phrases with food these days and Free From Eatery is here just in time to catch the first official wave.

The menu generally consists of the salads, soups of the day and protein. The owner, Myles, sets up a harvest table for people to help themselves and the chef in the kitchen whips up any burger options for proteins that consumers want. The shop itself is easy going, low-key down-to-earth, and the staff are friendly and helpful. It’s definitely worth the try.

I’ve been a couple of times. Mostly indulging in the salads with some of the homemade dressings, including a really delicious basil salad dressing or the occasional lamb curry and rice combo. Essentially, if you’re picking up on the food trend of going natural, Free From is a good place to start to get an idea of what the trend is all about and how to pick and eat your way to healthier living.

You can follow Free From Eatery on Instagram: www.instagram.com/FreeFromEatery/. They are also on Facebook – www.facebook.com/FreeFromEatery/.

PS. The coffee is darn good too!

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