Thursday, July 19, 2018

#STYLE: Buying Classical Seasonal Pieces – The Salmon Patent Leather Shoes

Once a season you should essentially buy yourself a seasonal item that is likely to last more than one season. This, I generally, recommend to be a pair of shoes, a bag or a jacket. This is because those three items are generally worn throughout the year, and if paired correctly, could see themselves reinvented with each social engagement they attend.

For this installment, we start with a pair of salmon patent leather shoes. These are definitely a little on the wild side, requiring a hard-knock personality and a flamboyant character. The art to these is to have exciting soirees to attend. Think of events such as the Polo, perhaps a gala dinner, a fashion show or even a night out celebrating a loved one’s birthday or achievement.

Trick one is to pair them with a monotone ensemble. Go either all black or navy and you have an opportunity to stay mildly calm while your shoes do all the talking. For an event that requires a bit more razzmatazz, pair with a pink or salmon outfit for a full on monochrome effect. The idea is to allow them to blend in with the rest of the look or to stand out on their own.

This pair is from Zando and has a pointier nose than other options, which include a more squared-off toe or a rounded toe. You also have these in other colours, including silver (which I have) and a navy-blue and a red pair.

Find a pair that works for you and give it an opportunity to shine.

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