Tuesday, July 10, 2018

#STYLE: Going 50 Shades of Preppy

Being a working guy in cold seasons can seem a little dampening of the mood. There is the constant debate of whether you’re getting dressed to stay warm and dry or are you looking to suffer for fashion and look a certain way. I, for one, as much as I enjoy making a statement also do indulge in the simple aspects of life of looking super cool in the minimalist format as possible. Autumn and winter are those seasons to do such without being apologetic for your style choices. In any case, there are plenty of ways to update the look as you go.

In this post we celebrate the simplicity of going from black to white through grey. There is something sincerely classical, modern and futuristic about this specific monochromatic fashion indulgence. Its capabilities lie within the opportunity to get it right – effortlessly. Its biggest strength – the solemn ability to fit in at work and at play.

A simple combination of trousers (with a turn-up or not) and jumper can easily be negotiated for work with a slip on of a pair of leather brogues and topped off with a jacket. For play, lace on some sneakers and switch to a leather jacket or sports zip-up. The idea is to keep it easy, sublime and comfortable; those elements then do the work in ensuring you look smart, stay trendy and keep your style credits in the streets.

If you’re keen to switch it up: Swop black sneakers for a full pantone pair of kicks – like red or blue. This will give your monochrome look an entirely updated experience and it will translate as a new ensemble to the people who get to see you.

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