Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fashion Week: Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2013

Milan fashion week, as far as I know, is considered the real capital of fashion and fashion weeks. And as far as I’m considered, they’re right on the money. I’ve never been disappointed by any show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Milan, that I’ve made an effort to see either via YouTube™ or fashion week websites. There just seems to be something Anna Wintour about Milan Fashion Weeks.

And there’s something Kate Moss about Burberry Prorsum. Something constantly elegant and classic, yet modern and ultra-new about it at the same time. Burberry’s showing in Milan recently was something of a spectacular. It was chilled with edge-of-your-seat moments. The standard cuts were in play. Two-button jackets, single-breasted trenches, slim fit ankle length trousers, masculine shoulders and seemingly feminine fabrics.

The old Burberry was back and he was not going to take this sitting down. New elements were added that I think no one was really waiting for. Colour, in its most fervour form – metallic. And I’m not talking standard shiny colours, like you would expect from a jacket with glitter spilled over. I’m talking foiled-up, futuristic neon bright metallic’s.

Bright, cyan collars on black and forest green suits. Future grey shirts peeked through two-button blazers in dark hues. One of my ultimate favourites, the trench coat in metallic electric blue. It’s like Christopher Bailey took foil paper and painted it blue using cyan. It just comes alive. And did I mention you can get it in a fuschia too? Forest green two-piece suits combined with muted metallic purple shirts.

There was an introduction of what seemed to be a tribal inspired print. Very block-cut prints, ethnic designs and colours and an introduction of a repetitive diamond shape. Shirts found a kaftan-style cut to themselves, great for those summer days when you want to wear a shirt and tailored pants to work but still want to feel dressed up casually. The look went back to its professional young man look, with slim figures and strong shoulders and smart detailing.

Something else I spotted that I need to get my hands on is the selection of cropped bomber jackets. Don’t pull that funny face. These bomber jackets you want to buy. Volumized by design and military by style, these jackets add an oomph of masculine sex appeal to a collection relatively slim and feminine by cut. The detailing on the bomber jackets leaves one begging to join tomorrow’s army of young men taking on the corporate war zones.

Available in muted forest greens, chocolate browns, lemon yellow and my favourite mustard with orange sleeves, these bombers are definitely a must-buy this summer, without question. Something else that caught my eye was the ‘man’ bag. In comfortable travel bag sizes to large carry-alls, these babies are available in the metallic combinations matching the trenches and also in the signature checked/tartan fabric.

Generally, Burberry has never failed me. And with this Milan showing, they have yet again re-enforced the reasons why I love the brand so much. Interestingly, there were no caps. Just suits, trenches, sandals and sunglasses. Guess Christopher is really taking Burberry back to where it began, today.

Of course, we’ll have to wait a few months before these garments are available, however, Burberry being Burberry Prorsum, they have made the bomber jackets available for sale, NOW already. So head on over to the Jonathan Trumbull & Hatters site to place your order both of whom sell a range of Eton, Ralph Lauren and so much more. They deliver worldwide and you’ll be sure to be kitted out in time for the summer glares.

Otherwise, check out your nearest Burberry Flagship store, there’s one available at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, for when the line will be in-store for sale.

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