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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#MBFWCT Special Report: Who’s Who When

Day 2 – In today’s special report we look at the schedule for the #ICONic #MBFWCT coming up Wednesday, 25 July 2012. It’s set to be one of the most prolific fashion weeks in Cape Town’s history and the CTICC and other off-site venues are most likely to make fashion headlines across the globe. From secret reports of black runways to limited viewings and special 100-seater shows in intimate venues, one cannot afford to miss out on anything.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 kicks of with three designers, all Cape Town based. Rosenwerth; Philosphy by Jenni Button and Kluk CGdT. Three shows for opening day and they are guaranteed to set a tone for the rest of the week. These three labels are well known for stitching together ensembles that every woman professes to die for. Undoubtedly well said, as these three are quite established in the industry, and with Kluk CGdT coming back from Paris recently, we’re quite thrilled to see how they will launch fashion week off.

Thursday, 26 July 2012’s line-up is slightly longer and carries much more weight. Starting at 17H00 with Durban couture designer, Leigh Schubert, followed by the #ICONic brand, Habits by Jenny Le Roux, menswear phenomena, Craig Port; and of course, the ever luxurious Gavin Rajah. Thursday’s players are #ICONs on all sorts of levels. Leigh Schubert has designed the SA Olympic team’s opening ceremony kit; Habits has for many years set the trends and tone for women all across SA; Craig Port has time and time shown how men can evolve their personal styles in underwear and casual to smart wear without losing their masculinity and of course, Gavin Rajah. Need I say any more than his name for you to conjure your own visuals of meticulously designed and tailored eveningwear that could render Cinderella breathless.

Friday, 27 July 2012 is what it is. Starting with the special presentation by @AFI_sa and @CTFC_za, presenting the emerging designers Black Coal Clothing / Strato / Selfi / August and Non-European. All brands that are proven their worth and are showcasing some real raw talent that will take them far. They will be followed by Michelle Ludek / Ruff Tung at 17H00. 18H00 will see Thula Sindi bring forth a collection for every modern working woman who knows her sense of elegance and understands her eveningwear needs. That show will be followed by menswear designer, Ruald Rheeder. A show I’m crossing fingers and toes I will get to experience first hand. Closing off the night will be legendary brands, Hip Hop; Fabiani and Viyella Heritage.

Last day of fashion week, Saturday, 28 July, will sport a killer line-up of designers making waves in the industry in their own rights. Opening with David Tlale, who continues to pop fresh insights into the use of fabrics and cuts for women to accentuate their best curves, Lalesso will follow, with Tart and Adriaan Kuiters hot on their heels. Adriaan Kuiters, a gorgeous and niche menswear brand from Cape Town, will be making their inaugural appearance at Cape Town Fashion Week, through MBFWCT, and will likely set the theme for this summer’s men who have a sophisticated sense of travel. Rounding off the evening will be Spero Villioti, Stefania Morland who happens to be a favourite of mine and finally, Dax Martin.

I think it’s quite evident and conclusive that I wish upon a star, shiny and bright in the darkest of skies, that I could attend all these shows. All these designers present something magnificent, magical, iconic and hot. Perfect for summer in a winter’s night.

If you find yourself in a proposition whereby you can only choose a select few shows to go to, these are the ones I recommend: Kluk CGdT; Habits; Gavin Rajah; Thula Sindi / Ruald Rheeder; Viyella Heritage; David Tlale; Tart / Adriaan Kuiters and Dax Martin.

All I’m going to ask is everyone please feedback to me what you thought of the shows you managed to see. And I will do the same.

Look out for some behind the scenes interviews coming up later with a select few designers. We’ll also be conducting some twitterviews too, so stay tuned.

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