Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#MBFWCT Special Report: A Wardrobe Fitting for Kings

Day Three – With MBFWCT (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town) hot on my heels, there really is little time to be messing about. Well, I can’t mess about unless I’m trying to combine daring fabrics and colours together for the perfect ensemble for the BIG week.

Thanks to the team from Brand ID, the forces that be behind the prolific NelsonMandela clothing brand, 466/64Fashion, I’ve been attending some rather exciting and refreshing consultations. Everyone who is anyone knows very well that you can’t make an appearance at any fashion week looking like last year’s clearance sale. You need to step your game up and reaffirm your existence by looking on par or better than the clothes that will scorch the ramp.

Chris Vogelpoel is the Head Creative Executive and Designer of Menswear at 466/64Fashion. He is the compass that is going to make sure I look exquisitely African at this year’s MBFWCT. I’ve been attending some casual consults with him and invited some dapper friends of mine to one of the sessions. We were exposed to some incredibly beautiful threads and got to see what certain colour combinations and print combos could do for one’s style and personality.

I’m a little stoked and extremely overwhelmed by the experience and I must admit, I’m itching to wear the gear to fashion week. Just so we’re all clear, this fashion week is my first, officially considered a ‘type’ of media. Blogging is still underrated and bloggers are still underestimated. So to find myself in the position of being acknowledged enough to be given this opportunity, it means many things, including not embarrassing myself; not misquoting any designer or personality and definitely not looking like I don’t belong.

So as the days draw nearer to the event, so do my nerves and the anxiety of making sure I look fantastic. Let’s hope my wardrobe issues will be dealt with accordingly. And by the way… If you know anyone interested in dressing me for fashion week, let me know! I’m happy to wear couture if it benefits society.

If any more fittings and wardrobe surprises pop up, I’ll be sure to let you in on it too.

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