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Monday, March 11, 2013

adidas Ready To ‘Unite All Originals’ with The Collider

The digital landscape is lambently abuzz with the latest campaign launch from Adi Dassler’s world renowned brand, adidas Originals. The latest offering from the brand is the new digital campaign “Unite All Originals”. This SS 2013 campaign does what its title proclaims through an online application that invites users to dive into a world of original content created by eight original artists from around the globe. This online app is The Collider.

The Collider does exactly that; it collides artists’ disciplines in an attempt to develop independent of thought and fresh material for consumers to devour; all at the click of a mouse.

“The adidas collider is the perfect execution to bring “Unite All Originals” to life”, comments Hermann Deininger, CMO of the adidas brand; “It is an innovative was of navigating content across the web, showcasing many different types of originality; from music producers to designers and digital artists to sculptors. The adidas collider is the next step in how we will approach our consumer digitally bringing him or her to the forefront of culture and showcasing how adidas Originals brings people together to create new forms of originality.”

This dynamic campaign has been launched with an awesome 90-second hero film, created on collaboration with taste-making DJ/Producer A-Trak and French director & visual artist SoMe. The soundtrack to this film is A-Track’s reworked version of his single “Landline” now manipulated with ambient sounds from the footage to create an exclusive, unique new song. (Hopefully a downloadable version for the track will be available soon.)

“I’ve been friends with SoMe for many years,” says A-Track of Director/Artist SoMe. “He also directed the “Barbara Streisand” video for my group Duck Sauce. It’s fun working with him because he’s not just a director and artist; he can make music as well. He really understands the language of musicians.”



“This spot has been surrounded by very a creative process from the beginning,” comments SoMe on the film. “Having the opportunity to mis sound and images, create an actual track based on the direct sounds from the footage was really fresh. At least it’s something I had never done before in that way, on any music video or any commercial. This aspect makes this project more creative than any music video to me; it’s a new form in itself.”

As mentioned, adidas Collider is essentially about the meshing to what seems like opposing creative’s to create something new for the consumer. Below is detail on the creative collisions with comments from each participating talent.

IGGY AZALEA (Rapper) vs. EVAN ROTH (Digital Artist)
Iggy and Evan linked up to create a new video for Iggy’s massive track ‘Boss Lady’. Evan used stock footage from the internet to remix the idea of living like a boss.

“For this collaboration with Iggy Azalea, I wanted to make a video piece for her song ‘Boss Lady’ that tapped into the essence of boos-hood,” comments Evan Roth on the new video. “All of the footage was found from performing lengthy searches for the keyword “boss” on three of the most popular stock video website (, and Stock footage websites deal in royalt-free images and video, and often cater to professionals producing corporate PowerPoint presentations and related office promotional materials. This intentionally generic, drab and unoffensive footage is played against Iggy’s very different take on the word “boss”, resulting in an anthem to the bored-at-work network.”

Iggy Azalea comments on the song, “Boss Lady is a female anthem track, to empower and inspire women”.

Iggy Azalea

Evan Roth

DANIEL DISASTER (Musician) vs. STööKI (Designers)
Daniel Disaster banded together with designers Stööki to flex their skills on this epic track created from sound clashes from London to Atlanta.

Listen to the track here > _Stooki_ <

Stööki says about the creative collision with Daniel Disaster, “Our collision is inspired on the rapidly evolving genre that is TRAP music. Having craft as a main attribute, Stööki recorded sound bites of us making jewellery in the workshop. The sounds were then ported over to Daniel Disaster, who manipulated and composed them into a primary beat. This then got send back to Stööki, where we added extra dimensional effects to the track. Continuing the digital journey Daniel had the final stems and had a lyricist in order to complete the final track.”


Daniel Disaster

Geoffrey and Colin’s electrified work involves the endless loop of a cello, a Paris metro line and some serious digital artistry.

Watch the video > Here <

Who is the musician from the piece?
The piece was composed and performed by Gasper Claus for this project.

What’s the reason for using green paint?
Technical reasons at first… Green is the colour that’s most far away from human skin. It makes it clean and easy to key and isolate in post-production software. Then Geoff and I realized we loved that green skin tone, and it made sense from out point of view of merging classical & new, organic & technological.

“We kicked off the project with a phone call where we started dancing ideas back and forth,” comments Goeff on the project. “Few days later a 1 day ideation meeting took place in Paris where we got together and explored each other’s strengths. The idea evolved off bringing our interests and experimental minds together and creating a piece of merging classical with new. In this context, a cello dating from 1810 being played underneath a bridge carrying a Paris metro line met After Effects and film. We decided to bring attention to the gestures of the human figure playing cello in an apparent yet hidden space. The sound and camera techniques add a sense of realism although the treatment is portrayed ghostly and graphical.”

Colin Solal Cardo

Geoff Lillemon

FLIP (2D Artist) vs. GRACE TANG (3D Artist)
Inspiration works both ways. Inspired by Grace’s sculptures, Flip painted on an abandoned train in the Säo Paolo countryside and bounced imagery of the piece back to Hong Kong. Grace finished the piece in her own unique style.

View the work >here<

Flip comments on the creative collision with Grace Tang: “This piece it’s a real mix of my work and Grace’s… I already paint furry monsters all the time, and I got inspired from a furry work of hers… Was pretty funny and weird to mix it. The artwork was created in a small town called Mairinque, in a countryside of Säo Paolo. I’m familiar with this location, because its next to where my mom lives. It’s one of my favourite spots to paint and express myself as an artist.”

“Our society is built on tame nature so we can live a more comfortable and convenient life,” comments Grace Tang on her art and inspiration. “We are also tamed to conform to the society that was built to symbolize civilization. We at last become a modern man, we lost our connection with nature and we cannot understand nature at all. Are there any needs to rebuild this connection? Are there any traits of nature that are left in us? Is there any memory of nature that is still buried deep inside us?”

Felipe Yung aka Flip

Grace Tang

It’s quite clear that adidas Originals is setting yet another benchmark in creativity and sportswear. It’s putting a mark on thought-processes and brands’ approaches to engaging their audiences. If this campaign is anything to go by, we can expect great things this year and we should all take a page out of this book.


About adidas* Originals – The iconic sportswear brand for the street (*adidas always written in lower case)


Adi Dassler’s vision was to provide every athlete with the best footwear for his or her respective discipline to help them get better, faster and stronger. This principle guided Dassler through his career until his death in 1978. With 700 patents and other industrial property rights worldwide, Dassler’s works speak for his permanent quest for perfection. His belief and tenacity still lives today in three adidas sub-brands—adidas Sport Performance, adidas Originals and adidas Sport Style.


adidas Originals is the iconic sportswear brand for the street. It is born in sport heritage, but lives in contemporary lifestyles and strives to inspire all in their everyday lives.  It is marked by the iconic Trefoil logo that was first used in 1972.


Today, adidas Originals brings adidas heritage from the past into the now, playing on its ability to stay relevant for all walks of life regardless of time, place, style and passions.

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