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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ED’S CHOICE: A scent for all seasons – ck be

If I could own a fragrance for every moment in my life I’d be living in a house built of walls of fragrances. It’s tricky business smelling good. You never know how long a smell will last you and whether you’ll still be singing the same tune next week or if you’d have found a new fragrance to live through your life using.

And just as rare as finding the perfect scent is, finding the right one for all seasons raises just as much stress. ck be is an intimately sexy fragrance. Drawing you in with gentle implosions of white peach and musk, its infusion of juniper berry ensures the scent is soft in a strong manner that leaves the wearer with a polite scent of virility. The fragrance is distinct and lingers for a while on the wearer’s skin. If you’re keen on a stable day-to-day scent; warm, personal and aromatic – ck be is it.

ck be is available at all leading grooming and cosmetics counters nationwide.

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