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Friday, July 5, 2013

SCENTED: Lancôme’s Hypnôse Homme

Hypnôse Homme by Lancôme has been one of those fragrances for men that was released into an ocean of mixed emotions. Heavy on the skin like a lead-blanket or possibly too strong and masculine to wear during the day have been some more prominent negative comments. Great base with a fresh minty top note, light and great for those special moments have been some of the more positive responses.

Hypnôse Homme is a combination fragrance for men developed to create a sense of spring for guys that’s not too ‘pink’ but also doesn’t leave the nose tired of the fragrance as the day progresses. At the top is a fruity play of citrus, green mint and it’s all held together by the spicy power of cardamon. Floral harmonies are created in the middle notes with the essence of Provence Lavender. This is essentially the one key ingredient in this mix that creates that airy feminine lightness in the fragrance. As you reach the base notes the manly musks come through. Well attached to the Indonesian patchouli, the musk and amber notes create a sensuous implosion on the skin.

Created by Maurice Roucel in 2007; Hypnôse Homme is a contrast of aromatic and oriental notes, making it one of the best fragrances for men seeking to buy a product that will smell great everytime and last through the night.

Lancôme’s Hypnôse Homme is available nationwide and comes in two sizes: 50ml (RRP R645.00) and the 75ml (RRP R795.00).

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