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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ED’S CHOICE: The Wood Collection by David Green

In recent fashion months, we’ve seen a lot of wood come and go. Every one enjoys jumping on the bandwagon. What is it that one provides that is different or slightly more interesting than the rest, is what we’re after. Going through much research findings via Google and some other reliable sources, it appears at the moment David Green is providing something of an extra touch with his Wood Collection of eyewear.

The South African designer has taken to timber with a signature touch. His innovative prescription frames have a sense of style and sophistication that is further enhanced and made individual and fashion-forward as much as the wearer, with the addition of a real leaf in each pair. David has used real ebony wood in different shades to create a natural look and feel.

To get more on David Green, read our interview with him > here < and once you’re done, be sure to visit for a full online catalogue and possibly get yourself a pair of these fantastic frames.

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