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Thursday, July 25, 2013

GROOMING: Lancôme Skincare Homme

As we grow a little bit older (physically), our bodies and skin tend to need assistance to replenish any nutrients lost or any tightness beginning to loosen up. It’s a matter of taking measures in time, as the change begins to take effect. But with all this and that skincare out there in the world, how do we know what is best and what is not. Best place to start is with your dermatologist. After that, check this blog for content on skincare would be recommended (blowing our own horn right now). But essentially the best person to speak to is yourself.

There are a few simple questions you could pose to yourself to get to the bottom of this matter and find the right product(s) to deal with specific skincare needs. For instance, questions such as ‘does my skin dry up after washing’ or possibly ‘does my skin become shiny (oily) during the day with or without a moisturizer’; these will help identify certain things your skin does that you need a product to assist manage.

Lancôme has three products to match any skincare requirement, based on all skin types, and is dermatologically designed to ensure effective results are achieved with very little physical effort from you. These three products are designed to fight the battle of ageing, fading skin and also ensure fatigue, puffiness and dark-circles around the eyes are reduce to almost nothing.

Cleanse your face with the Lancôme Ultimate Cleansing Gel which is designed for daily washing through its easy to rinse formula that ensures skin stays perfectly moisture after wash; leaving it fresh and clean. Lancôme’s Hydrix Balm is the best male orientated daily moisturizer. Created with micro-nutrients for more than just hydration, this daily skin food moisturizes, enriches and ensures skin is left plump and firm. For that extra kick of skincare, use Lancôme’s Age Fight Yeux. This product man’s best friend. An anti-age perfecting eye gel; it’s an anti oxidant stress shield that fights off 1st signs of aging, reducing dark-circles and puffiness.

Lancôme skincare for men is available from all leading cosmetics counters nationwide.

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