Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#CAMPAIGN: TUMI For Global Citizens

We’ve all had that fantasy once upon a time, some have come to live that moment and others (us included) are still pursuing that goal. That moment of life when you travel the world, living in other spaces, working on amazing projects meeting fantastic people. Global citizens.

A global citizen is someone who explores the earth and the possibilities it holds. They are people who are extra ordinary doing extraordinary things on their journey through life. TUMI has developed a series of immaculate tools to help these incredible people perform their duties to their lives in complete style.

TUMI’s latest campaign follows three great people; one of them is Paolo Ferrari. The born and raised Italian is the North American Chairman and CEO of Pirelli Tires. Ferarri is charged with balancing an expanding American customer base while honouring the company’s Italian heritage.

We would love to get our hands on those briefcases, to be quite frank. Fitting in life and play, compact and sleek, they allow a man to move effortlessly through time zones and fashion districts.

Photographer John Balsom Stylist Julie Ragolia

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