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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

ED’S CHOICE: Levi’s Pitch – A Monochrome Classic

I’m not one to follow trends. Partially because being a sheep is not my thing. I do have to admit that the only way this year, apart from past wardrobe moments, I am going to follow and further propagate a trend, Monochrome, is with a pair of these Levi’s Pitch. The high top, in black, to be exact. Like seriously though. I’m sure all the uber cool street wear and urban kids are going ‘where have I been all this time’ but I’m only being exploited to such now – so cut me hem shorter this summer. Fact is, I’m catching up now and I have found the perfect way to do it!

I recommend those of you who were also behind just as I was go out to your nearest fashion retailer, or perhaps an Edgars or Levi’s store to get yourself a pair. The white in low cut is also cool, but I’m still pushing for the black pair.

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