Monday, October 28, 2013

#FindYourEdge: Hello Chambray, Thank you @WranglerBen

A little while ago I received a rather flimsy parcel. Tucked away inside the plastic package was a soft Indigo shirt of 100% cotton. Closer inspection revealed it was a Wrangler Denim Brand shirt. The shirt is called, Chambray. Two-tone and awesome for day into night situations, the spring summer 2013/14 shirt is well cut and generous. Usually when I buy a shirt in size small, I have the little challenge of not enough sleeve. Not with Chambray. Size small is perfect. Hemline reaches comfortably below my waistline and the cuffs of the sleeves touch the meeting point between my hand and my wrist.

Am totally gearing up for the right time to slip it on and Instagram that moment… Oh wait, I’m not on Instagram. Guess I’ll just have to tweet pic that moment and upload onto Facebook and Pinterest.

The shirt is worth every penny and with the brand, Wrangler, being conveniently placed within every leading Stuttafords in South Africa; one has no excuse not to get themselves a shirt of their own.

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